About this Blog

This blog aims to explore the new subculture that is emerging in today’s all star cheerleading community. The thing that makes this so different is how much the digital age and internet have played a part in it. Athletes from all over the country are becoming “famous” from videos that they are making, podcasts that they are producing, and from just gathering a following of people on social media websites.

What I am going to try and do is show you all the different ways and kinds of ways that these athletes have been using different technologies and internet sources to either promote themselves or their gym. Many of the girls like Whitney Love and Kelsey Rule have no real interest in being a “cheerlebrity” but yet somehow people love Whitney’s podcasts on tumbling and people love watching Kelsey whip out her double-double. It has become a new ways of making someone a celebrity and the digital age has made it possible.

Check out the tabs I have made for some of the screen shots I will produce in the Facebook and Twitter sections. Then especially check out the Tumblr section to get a real feel for what it is that these more then average athletes are like to other people. This little subculture of celebrities is growing and only getting bigger.

Then finally go over to the Videos tab and check out some of the original content from different athletes to see what all the hype is about. You will hear crowds screaming, people cheering, and watch hard work at its finest.

This is how the digital age created Cheerlebrities.